Dixa wins 34 new badges and awards in G2 fall report 2023

Fall is here, and brought along 34 new G2 awards! We are extremely proud to show them off as they are a symbol of our continued commitment to empowering our customers to provide a seamless CX.  

What is G2? 

G2 stands as the largest software review platform globally, boasting an impressive active user base of 80 million individuals per year. 

G2 is a valuable resource for businesses and professionals looking to make informed decisions about software and technology investments. It allows users to gather insights from their peers and access information that can help them choose the right solutions for their specific needs.

What G2 awards has Dixa received? 

G2 offers quarterly reports designed to help users assess software options, make solution comparisons, and monitor the growth and momentum of these tools.

G2 badges and awards are recognition and achievement markers given to software products and companies based on their performance and user feedback on the G2 platform. These badges and awards serve as a way to highlight and acknowledge excellence in various categories within the software and technology industry. 

In the G2 fall report, users awarded Dixa 34 badges for:

Conversational Support 

Customer Self-Service

Contact Center

Contact Center Workforce

Live Chat

Help Desk

Users Love Us

What are our customers saying?

Our customers have amazing things to say about us! Check out some of our latest G2 reviews:

“Dixa is an exceptional program for Customer Care that offers user-friendly features for both administrators and agents. As an E-commerce business catering to diverse languages, Dixa provides us with an excellent overview of all our conversations, enabling seamless flows that consider language nuances and contact triggers. Its agent-friendly interface requires minimal training, allowing agents to efficiently navigate and engage. Agents also appreciate the ability to track their own performance.”

“I like how easy dixa is for my agents. I’ve been a spokeperson for Dixa for many years about intuitive, easy workflow, and general focus on agent needs. The queue setup is amazing, and the way that their system makes agent work seamlessly, and really be the best version of themselves.”

“Dixa is a great platform for combining all of your contact center channels into one, easy to navigate space. Interacting with customers through chat, email, text and phone is smooth and simple. The functions are user-friendly and the Support Team is always very responsive when it comes to any issues with performance. The Analytics feature is great and very helpful to monitor agents for Quality and Performance.”

“Dixa has one of the best user interfaces, and is very easy to work in. It has some excellent functions, which can help organize your agents workflow to a maximum. It offers several great ways, to handle calls, chats and e-mails.”

Thank you!

We’d like to thank our wonderful customers who took the time to leave a review. We’re looking forward to continuing to support you in providing effortless service experiences that unlock loyalty!

See what our customers had to say about Dixa in Spring 2023 and Winter 2023.


Francesca Valente

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