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Nom Nom is a pet health company that offers fresh, human-grade food, crafted by a board certified veterinary nutritionist™ to be optimal for most dogs and cats.

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Nashville, Tennessee


24 agents


Manufacturer (eCommerce)

The Situation

Nom Nom is a pet health company that offers fresh, human-grade food, crafted by a board certified veterinary nutritionist™ to be optimal for most dogs and cats.

Since they offer a best-in-class premium product, their customer support has to follow suit. With that in mind, Nom Nom tries to be exceptionally personal; they view every interaction as a chance to further develop a relationship with a customer.

The Challenge

In early 2019 the Nom Nom Customer Experience team consisted of 4 members of leadership and 6 agents. There was a certain imbalance before Cory Osiborski was brought in to be the new manager of a team that needed to be scaled.  

When he arrived, the discussions were already taking place between Nom Nom and Dixa; it seemed like Dixa had the answers to the big questions being asked.

The first was, ‘how reliable is our data?’. Cory remembers what it was like before Dixa:

Every time that we ran numbers, they would come out different. There was such a lag, it was never in real time. My old trainer was great with Zendesk but still, every time we were trying to pull numbers, it was always a little bit off, which just makes me crazy.”

Cory Osiborski Senior Manager Customer Experience Nom Nom

He wanted an analytical solution that could deliver all of the standard customer experience metrics,with consistency, and in real time, but with additional firepower. The other key question that was being asked was ‘how is our template usage affecting our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)?’. 

Finding the balance between speed and personalization – whilst delivering exceptional customer service – was a must. Because they use a lot of templates, they needed to find a way to analyze each one to see how personalization was affecting key metrics and to consistently delight their customers. The perfect balance: personalized care, delivered at pace.

The Solution

With the help of Dixa’s Business Insights, Nom Nom has quadrupled the team of 6 agents to 24 in just 12 months. The initial selling point was Template Analysis on Business Insights. Cory was delighted to discover that Nom Nom actually had a great template library; but Dixa would enable them to keep improving it for his customers.

Being able to look at macro usage and in relation to CSAT, to ask ‘what’s better for the customer, pre-existing macros that we created or free typing?’, and to access historical marco usage for specific customers – that type of personalization is very important to us.”

Cory Osiborski Senior Manager Customer Experience Nom Nom

Dixa’s Business Insights was also able to make their woes of not having access to reliable data in real time disappear.

Fortunately, we found Dixa. We’re now able to pull better data. That’s why, as a company, we pull all of our [customer experience] data from Dixa. We’ve created a dashboard for the senior CX group and they pull a lot of data from Dixa to give more visibility to the rest of the company.”

Cory Osiborski Senior Manager Customer Experience Nom Nom

And, as the team grows, Cory is now looking forward to expanding Dixa’s Business Insights’ usage to the rest of the team and brainstorming on what decision to make based on their data.

The reality is, however, that the team had already grown significantly to cope with demand. Last year, the team witnessed 77,000 tickets come through the system. It only took until July of the following year to reach the same number. Of course, scaling a team means implementing more scalable processes.

So quality assurance was the next big challenge to tackle. After trling an offer from another company, Cory decided that it was much more valuable to use Dixa’s Quality Assurance. Having always run his team with only the necessities he didn’t want to waste precious resources. 

I try to run the CX team as lean as possible. I would much rather pay for Quality Assurance from Dixa. I really like how it’s built out and it just makes more sense to have it all in one place. Especially because I can email my reps weekly statistics that will include their QA scores.”

Cory Osiborski Senior Manager Customer Experience Nom Nom

All-in-one functionality for customer experience data analysis

Cory boasts an exceptionally high employee retention rate. He believes this is down to keeping his reps engaged through regular, automatically generated performance reviews through Dixa. “I have really great, engaged reps – and they want to know who they’re doing. Being able to send this email to them on a weekly basis is to say, ‘hey, this is how you’re doing, this is where you are,’ is the part I”m so incredibly excited about.”

The second focus as our partnership continues, is quality assurance. The ‘calibration’ functionality on Dixa’s Quality Assurance was something that wasn’t offered by competitors. Cory’s looking forward to using it more and more as his team grows. hey now have a dedicated quality assurance team lead!.

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