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Improving the agent experience, reducing response time across all channels, and delighting customers

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Customers who use chat place an order within the first 24 hrs.

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Organic Basics is a digitally-born, sustainable clothing brand founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. In an effort to disrupt the wasteful fashion industry, Organic Basics set out to create a more sustainable alternative to modern lifestyle and fashion brands. Designed with simplicity and function in mind, their everyday essentials are made from organic and recycled materials that result in a minimized environmental footprint and last longer.


  • Omnichannel experiences
  • Personalization
  • Scattered data
  • Ability to automate


From the beginning, Organic Basics aimed to not only create sustainable high-quality essentials but also grow a close community of customers devoted to making better environmentally-minded decisions when it comes to fashion to fight the rampant waste that exists in the industry today. In order to accomplish this, Organic Basics set out to create close relationships with their customers with the goal of being friends with them because friendship fosters strong trust and loyalty. Two invaluable components of a customer-brand relationship.

This proved to be quite challenging given their existing customer service software which resulted in scattered data, siloed communication channels, and inefficiencies across the board. For a young brand experiencing massive growth, this created a challenging work environment for Organic Basic’s Customer Love team. Agents were constantly having to check several different tools and systems to avoid making the customer repeat themselves and delivering an impersonal customer experience. This resulted in longer handling times and a frustrating working experience for agents.

Their previous software was also complex and made it difficult to get an overview of the entire customer service journey. It didn’t allow for easy alterations or changes and often required technical resources from other departments. Being a digitally-native, data-driven brand, having data scattered and lacking the ability to make effortless changes to their setup led Organic Basics to seek out alternatives that better aligned with their goals and brand vision.

“With Dixa, every member of our Customer Love team is empowered to provide great customer service every day across all channels, which has had a positive impact on our customer retention and sales in general.”

Cornelia Konstantyner, Head of Customer Experience

The Dixa Effect

Quicker handling times & increased efficiencies

With Dixa, Organic Basics can communicate with customers on phone, email, chat, and messaging channels from one system. Plus, integrations make it possible to display other ecommerce related data from Shopify, tracking information, their in-house returns system, review platforms, and Klaviyo in Dixa. This way agents have everything they need right in front of them to provide a fast and personalized response and no longer have to check other systems to gather context. In this way, Dixa acts as the memory for Organic Basics’ Customer Love team and enables them to talk to customers as they would a friend, always having the latest context right in front of them. Additionally, Dixa’s smart routing and automation features do the ‘thinking’ for agents, automatically prioritizing and routing each conversation to the right agent through a push notification which has eliminated time spent on sorting through messy inboxes. As a result, Dixa has significantly improved the agent experience and resulted in a 2-3 minute reduction in handling time for most post-purchase conversations.

Strong CX conversion rates

Since Dixa is channel-neutral, it’s easy for Organic Basics agents to be multichannel and seamlessly switch between channels to help customers. In doing so, Organic Basics is able to observe which channels their customers prefer and how they use each of them. By measuring how many customers end up placing an order within 24 hours of speaking to the Customer Love team, Organic Basics can see which channels tend to drive the highest conversion rates and found that chat had the highest with a 25% conversion rate. As a result, Organic Basics decided to increase their hours on chat because they know their customers preferred it, and being available on chat pays off in sales – especially around the holidays.

Data-driven CX optimizations

Being a digitally-native organization having unified data is extremely important to Organic Basics, especially as they scale. For the Customer Love team, Dixa’s analytics helps them gain a more holistic view of their customer service performance on a regular basis. More specifically, this data helps Organic Basics identify potential touchpoints in their customer journey that are causing friction for customers, what agents are spending the most time on, what tasks should be automated when they need to hire more agents, product trends, and more. On many occasions, insights gained through Dixa have led to optimizations in their operations and improvements in their overall customer experience. These optimizations and increases in efficiency are what have enabled Organic Basics to grow their business by 250% while only scaling their support by 83% in 2020.

Stronger customer friendships & loyalty

Lastly, Dixa gives Organic Basics the tools to deliver a customer experience that is in line with their brand values. By unifying their support channels, making use of customer data, and automating as much as possible, Organic Basics is able to provide customers with a highly personal, human experience that scales. In doing so, the brand is able to develop stronger relationships with each customer and drive positive word of mouth amongst their customers along with raving reviews.