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allplants, founded in 2017, is a fast-growth subscription-based vegan food company, offering chef-made meals to households and workplaces across the UK. At a time when consumers are seeking greater choice and availability of healthy, easy-to-prepare meals, the company has seen a huge spike in subscriptions and orders.


London, United Kingdom


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The Challenge

Since their launch in 2017, allplants has put a premium on customer service, calling their agents ‘delighters’ and making customer delight a core tenet of their brand. However, their old customer service solution was not flexible enough to support them as their business grew, especially as they wanted to have a more conversational approach to CX and move away from traditional ticketing software. After experiencing a surge of business spurred on by COVID-19, they needed a platform that could help them meet growing demand and also save them time as they scaled their business.

With their previous solution, Livechat was a tricky channel for them, as there were restrictions around how many agents could be online at any time. This impacted their response time, which was frequently 30 seconds or over. Agents were also spending time screen-hopping between their CRM and courier sites in order to access customer data. They also had to manually prioritize all of their incoming inquiries, which was taking hours out of each day and encouraging cherry-picking by agents. In a business where a lot of queries are extremely time-sensitive due to courier dispatch times or kitchen work, this was not ideal. They also put a premium on their agent experience and wanted a platform that would not only improve the customer experience but the agent one as well.

We’ve built the allplants brand on our ability to delight our customers and build strong personal relationships with them. We chose Dixa because we needed a customer service platform that could keep pace with our growth as well as the evolving demands of our customers. So far, we’ve been delighted with the results.”

Felicity Bell Head of Delight Allplants

The Solution

Faster response times leading to better CX

Dixa’s integrations with allplants’ CRM and courier sites have allowed agents to cut down on screen-hopping, and halved the number of tabs they need to have open at any one time. As a result, handling time of customer inquiries has been reduced by 2-3 minutes per query, while their live chat response time has been reduced by 70%, making it significantly better than the industry standard of 20 seconds.

Automatic prioritization improving the agent experience

Removing the need for manual prioritizing of conversations has saved agents at least two hours per day –– as a lot of queries are time sensitive against dispatch times or kitchen work this is significant reduction. Response time to urgent queries has decreased on average by 1.5 hours – these are now automatically flagged by Dixa.

Self-service helping to reduce workloads

Some of the most common customer queries can now be self-served, thanks to the introduction of auto-response functionality. This saves time, educates customers on how to use the service and, ultimately, will reduce demand on agents.

Easy overview allows for optimization of processes

Dixa’s dashboards and reporting features ensure that leadership can get a clear overview of performance and trends and make improvements based upon this.

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