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Stayforlong is a hotel booking website specializing in long-stay bookings. The platform offers progressively better deals the longer guests stay, encouraging travelers to immerse themselves in their destination and create their own unique travel stories.

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Barcelona, Spain


40 agents


Hospitality, Travel


reduction in email backlog


decrease in contact per booking (CPB)


drop in time allocated to back office tasks

The Situation

Stayforlong, an innovative platform in the travel industry, specializes in offering unique and extended stay experiences for travelers. At the core of Stayforlong’s ethos is their steadfast commitment to customer experience (CX), ensuring not only memorable stays but also exceptional service. Their dedication goes beyond the typical booking process, focusing on exceptional support and satisfaction for every customer, setting a new standard in travel accommodations.

The Challenge

Stayforlong’s customer service team faced the challenge of dealing with increasing numbers of contacts and phone calls, which put a strain on their ability to efficiently manage customer interactions. This surge in volume stretched their resources and made it difficult to keep up with the demand for high-quality service.

The team also struggled with a disconnected agent experience due to using too many tools to manage multiple customer service channels. This situation made it harder for agents to provide smooth support and often required extra help from the IT department. Their customer service setup was complex and expensive, hindering Stayforlong’s ability to grow and expand into new markets.

Additionally, the lack of access to first contact resolution (FCR) data for online travel agencies (OTAs) affected their operational efficiency and customer experience. Without this important data, the team found it challenging to improve service quality and stay competitive.

The Solution

Optimizing agent experience with a unified workspace

The introduction of Dixa’s intuitive agent workspace was a game-changer for Stayforlong. This new setup provided a single, unified screen where all customer interaction channels were integrated, simplifying the agents’ work dramatically. With customer history and context instantly accessible, the struggle to piece together information from various sources became a thing of the past.

This upgrade has not only significantly simplified their workflow and increased their efficiency but also introduced an easy-to-use and scalable customer service platform that grows with the company. This evolution has freed the team from the cumbersome need to switch between systems, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best: delivering fast, personalized customer service.

Empowering our agents with Dixa’s unified workspace was a turning point. By seamlessly integrating every aspect of the traveler’s journey, from inquiry to booking and beyond, Dixa has revolutionized how Stayforlong agents navigate and enhance the CX. Our customer service team can now deliver personalized assistance and seamless service, setting new standards for efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Rafal Pycior Workforce Management Stayforlong

Boosting efficiency with smart automation and AI

The Stayforlong customer service team has redefined their workflow by embracing automation and AI-powered tools. This strategic move has not only personalized service for each customer but also significantly improved customer satisfaction scores (CSATs). By automating routine tasks, agents are now free to concentrate on high-priority or at-risk customers, enhancing the likelihood of converting them into loyal fans.

To start with, the implementation of the intelligent routing enables them to swiftly match customers with the most suitable agent, considering context. This prioritization ensures Stayforlong’s customers receive personalized attention, departing from the one-size-fits-all approach. Plus, the routing system’s ability to filter out repetitive auto replies from suppliers, previously a significant portion of their workload, has significantly improved their metrics by eliminating unnecessary noise. As a result, they can now confidently track AHT metrics and make well-informed decisions.

Their CS team has also fallen in love with Dixa’s AI agent assistant. By providing a concise overview of customers’ past interactions (history + context), the Smart Conversations Summaries empowers agents to rapidly grasp the context of ongoing conversations or escalations, enhancing efficiency. In fact, thanks to the AI summary, agents are quickly up-to-date on cases, spending 22% less time on back-office tasks related to bookings.
It has not only improved the agents’ productivity but also the CX, reducing the need for repetitive questions and enhancing the overall service experience.

On top of it, they’ve added an AI knowledge base, streamlining the team’s access to information and enabling them to address customer inquiries with precision and speed. As a result, agents can resolve complex customer issues without unnecessary escalations, making the whole process more efficient.

Dixa’s automation and incredible AI agent assistant have greatly enhanced our efficiency and productivity. They enable our agents to dedicate more time to tackling complex challenges and nurturing meaningful relationships with our customers. This not only boosts our team’s satisfaction but also leads to higher levels of customer loyalty. With Dixa, we’re not just working faster; we’re working smarter.”

Erica Piccolomini Chief Customer Officer Stayforlong

Driving excellence with quality assurance

Stayforlong utilizes Dixa’s quality assurance to elevate customer service standards. Driven by AI, it streamlines performance reviews by automatically selecting and assigning interactions for auditing. This saves time and ensures comprehensive oversight across all channels and teams. By centralizing results, Stayforlong gains quick access to actionable insights, facilitating continuous improvement.

What’s next?

As Stayforlong expands into new international markets, they plan to leverage our AI agent assistant for translations, ensuring seamless communication across languages.

Additionally, their QA team is taking proactive measures by establishing an in-house steering and quality team to oversee BPO operations. This strategic move underscores their dedication to maintaining high standards and efficiency. With dedicated teams focused on steering and quality maintenance, they aim to optimize performance, streamline workflows, and consistently deliver exceptional service to clients.

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