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Dixa announces partnership with Ada to deliver nextgen AI-powered customer service experiences

Copenhagen— January 16, 2024 — Dixa, the conversational customer service platform, announces today its strategic partnership with Ada, the AI-native customer service automation company.  Together, the two companies will deliver seamless AI-powered automation across the entire customer journey. 

The effortless integration of Dixa’s unified agent workspace with Ada’s AI Agent marks a significant leap in enhancing the efficiency of customer service teams. This collaboration streamlines operations and empowers teams to effortlessly handle a higher volume of inquiries and focus on high-value tasks, ultimately delivering a superior customer experience. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Ada as our strategic AI Agent partner,” highlighted Mads Fosselius, CEO and co-founder at Dixa. “Our new integration will provide tremendous value to our shared customers, optimizing their teams’ productivity but also fostering customer loyalty at scale. The goal is to facilitate a unified customer service experience, ensuring a smooth transition between AI-driven automation and human-assisted support. This partnership sets the stage for a new era where autonomous automation and super agents operate seamlessly, elevating customer experiences to the next level.”

“Our partnership with Dixa more closely connects humans and AI, and presents new opportunities for collaborative learning across the customer service journey,” said Mike Murchison, CEO at Ada. “Ada’s AI Agent combined with Dixa’s unified agent platform, which was purpose-built for maximum agent efficiency, are improving agents’ jobs and helping them do a better job for their customers as well.”

Together, Dixa and Ada empower customer service teams to deliver superior results with capabilities that include:

  • Rapid Onboarding. Leverage your Dixa Knowledge Base to instantly onboard Ada’s AI Agent and provide fast, relevant and accurate resolutions to customers. 
  • Effortless automation. Ada’s AI Agent integrated into Dixa’s unified platform and agent workspace resolves most common inquiries, freeing up your agents’ time for complex customer issues.
  • Elevate agents. Ada’s AI Agent can seamlessly handoff to a specialized agent through email, messaging or a callback request within Dixa’s platform. Improved routing and context generated by the AI Agent paired with Dixa’s AI Assistant better equips agents to deliver premium customer service for complex customer needs. 
  • Continuous Improvement. Analyze and coach your AI Agent’s performance through AI-powered reporting, content recommendations and guidance capabilities.

Dott, European micro mobility leader and mutual customer of Dixa and Ada, has already been reaping the benefits of this powerful alliance.  

“At Dott, we don’t buy technology – we invest in partnerships. Dixa and Ada have a joint vision for the future of customer service that we are excited about. Together, we are executing an AI-first customer service strategy that will scale as our business grows internationally,” said Randy Berridge, Head of User Support and Insights at Dott. “Since implementing Dixa, we have seen a 20% improvement in our service level achievement with our agents. Our customers are able to achieve a resolution in under a minute and hop back on board with Dott, too. We have also reduced our dependency on external support agents by 50% thanks to Ada. That means our in-house customer service team is spending more quality time with our customers.”

This customer experience partnership is designed to empower organizations with a seamless and fast implementation of AI technology. By strategically and technically combining Ada’s AI Agent capabilities with Dixa’s versatile customer service platform, customer service teams will be able to swiftly incorporate AI-driven automation into their operations, immediately unlocking the potential for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

About Dixa

Dixa is a conversational customer service platform on a mission to empower companies to build long-lasting bonds with their customers at scale (Customer FriendshipTM). We help customer service leaders to create effortless experiences for customers and teams that unlock loyalty. Dixa’s platform combines powerful AI with a human touch to deliver highly-personalized service experiences. 

We empower companies to transform their customer service from cost-center to a value-center through a true CX partnership. 

Since 2018, Dixa has powered hundreds of millions of high quality conversations for brands like Whisker, Too Good to Go, Scale Media, Honest Baby, Rapha and Grover.

Press contact: Francesca Valente, Head of Marketing Communications:

About Ada

Ada is an AI-native customer service automation company on a mission to make customer service extraordinary for everyone. Ada makes it easy for businesses to automatically resolve the greatest number of customer service conversations — across channels and languages — with the least amount of effort. 

Since 2016, Ada has powered more than 4 billion automated customer interactions for brands like Meta, Verizon, AirAsia, Yeti, and Square. Born in Toronto, Ada serves companies and their customers worldwide. For more information, visit

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