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Fivetran is the smartest, fastest way to replicate data from all of your applications into a cloud destination of your choice.
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Fivetran & Dixa


Fivetran’s fully managed connectors mean we’ll do the pipeline work so you don’t have to. Let us keep up with API changes so you can analyze your data immediately, with automatically applied updates for columns, tables, and rows.

Revenue driving insights

Analysts can dedicate their time to generating revenue-driving insights. Fivetran provides entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) for each data source, complete with primary and foreign keys for each table, making it easy to understand how your tables connect with one another.

Timelier and more accurate reporting

Fivetran uses modern ELT to quickly load your data into your warehouse prior to transformation, allowing your team to answer your most pressing business questions without being held up by formatting issues.

Detailed insights

Analyze your raw data, and go beyond your metrics to gain detailed insights on your customer experience.

Automatic data

Our easy-to-use platform pulls fresh, rich data from Dixa in minutes. Fivetran automatically replicates custom fields enabled in Dixa so none of your customer information gets left behind.

More customer time

Fivetran helps you focus on what matters most. Increase your engagement by dedicating more time to your customers.

Quick Dixa-Fivetran Setup

Fivetran replicates and centralizes all your data sources into your cloud data warehouse. After a five minute setup, Fivetran cloud data pipelines are fully managed and zero-maintenance to enable data-backed decisions across your organization.

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