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The Jira integration allows you to connect Dixa conversations with Jira issues (one or more), allowing your support and engineering teams to collaborate even more closely.
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Jira & Dixa

Teamwork cross-functionally with simplicity

Allow your support and engineering teams to collaborate even closer, connect your Jira and Dixa accounts in under 10 minutes!

View Jira status updates directly in the Dixa platform

Save your team from logging into different platforms – view the Jira issue description and status directly from Dixa. A one-screen wonder for your teams productivity!

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Jira updates directly in Dixa conversations

  • Create new Jira issues directly from Dixa
  • Link your Dixa conversations to Jira issues
  • Automatically create backlinks to Dixa conversations inside your Jira issues

Team collaboration

With the Jira integration, customer support teams can work even closer with the product and engineering teams.

There is an immense amount of valuable data within customer conversations that can be turned into product feedback.

Customer support teams are able to provide direct links to product tasks so that engineering teams understand the necessary priority, use case and context.

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