Surfing towards growth: Beauty Pie’s CX strategy unveiled

Hear first-hand how Beauty Pie are disrupting the beauty industry and driving their CX strategy from the C-suite. Chandni Bhatt, Head of Member Happiness, is sharing all her insights on her CX initiatives that are fueling business growth.

Chandni Bhatt, Global Head of Member Happiness at Beauty Pie showcases the importance of engaging senior leadership, listening to customer interactions, and balancing retention with acquisition.

Learn how you can create executive buy-in so that leadership understand the friction points and teamwork with you to improve the customer experience – helping impact the growth of the company!

Beauty Pie are turning the traditional beauty industry on its head, having raised $100m in funding off the back of the pandemic, and doubled their number of members.

Draw inspiration from their strong leadership team who are championing the customer, and have cultivated a culture of authentic customer care throughout the entire company!

  • The vital role of proactive advocacy for customer concerns
  • Engaging the C-suite in CX initiatives: to understand friction points and teamwork to improve overall CX
  • Elevating your post-purchase customer experience strategy
  • Integrating senior leadership into the customer feedback loop


Natasha Ratanshi-Stein

Starting her career at Goldman Sachs, Natasha is building next-generation planning tools for customer service teams. Previously Chief of Staff at Bulb where scaling customer service was a key challenge, Natasha is empowering customer service leaders to manage their community of service superstars. Her goal? Bid farewell to the era of cumbersome spreadsheets and outdated legacy software!

Chandni Bhatt
Global Head Of Member Happiness

Chandni is an award-winning CX professional with a strong history of driving success for e-commerce businesses in the fashion and beauty industry. Always looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions to boost efficiency, having built in-house and outsourced operations of all sizes. Chandni is sharing all her expertise from subscription models, to digital transformation, to customer retention, and more!

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