Unlock the powers of GPT and AI with a solid knowledge base

Finding it difficult to take advantage of GPT and AI-powered technologies? You might be missing a key ingredient! Tune into our webinar with step-by-step guidance to optimize your CS set-up.

Know you need to jump on the AI-powered revolution, but don’t know where to start? Are you finding it difficult to locate actionable steps to get you there?

Grab our simple steps to get started, and build a quality knowledge base that you can layer-on GPT / AI-powered technologies later (and with confidence in the results!).

Tue Søttrup, VP of CX Excellence and Mirza Beširović, Director of Product Management are sharing all their tips to get you focused on what matters to build your AI into the future.

  • The increasing need to build AI into your tech stack – should you give in?
  • Why building a quality knowledge base is your shortcut to success
  • How to build a roadmap for your C-suite and take them along the journey
  • The improvements we see in deflection and response times as a result of self-service
  • How to know when your knowledge base is sufficient enough to layer-on AI or GPT
  • The knock-on effects on the agent experience, the future of work, and business agility

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