Never Let Perfect Get in the Way of Better

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Butternut Box are changing the game in the dog food industry by creating personalised food plans for each dog and delivering their high-quality products straight to customers’ doors.

In this premiere episode of “Customer Friendship™ Conversations,” host Ciaran Nolan sits down with Harriet Treadwell, Customer Love Director at Butternut Box.

We discuss:

  • The importance of customer love and how it aligns perfectly with the concept of customer friendship
  • The Butternut Box philosophy of putting the customer experience front and center
  • Why it’s essential to never let perfection get in the way of progress

If you’re a pet owner or just interested in how businesses can prioritise customer satisfaction, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!


Intro to the show 0:10
What is bought in a box? 2:24
What was the approach to customer friendships? 4:40
The customer experience at the start of the journey. 11:49
Tribal leadership and tribal culture 14:38
Never let perfect get in the way of better 18:39
Customer retention and customer loyalty 21:28
Sharing the voice of the customer across the whole business 24:08
How do you measure the success of customer friendship? 28:56
The importance of staying close to your customers 30:58