Creating Game-Changing Customer Experiences with AI

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AI is revolutionizing our daily experiences. Learn from industry expert, Daniel Bunton, on how to leverage and embrace AI to drive customer satisfaction in today’s competitive landscape.

Meet Cleo, the AI assistant that has already assisted 6 million users in avoiding overdrafts, improving credit scores, and enhancing budget management. Glean the CX insights from Daniel Bunton, Head of Customer Service, on creating game-changing customer service that is light-hearted, unforgettable and disrupting their industry!

Leveraging AI for transformative customer experiences

Join Maurits Pieper, from Dixa in conversation with Daniel Bunton, Head of Customer Support at Cleo AI.

  • Discover how Cleo stands out by engaging customers with a unique tone of voice. Through humorous interactions, Cleo aims to increase awareness and engagement with financial data
  • Learn how Daniel places emphasis on the importance of prioritizing customer retention alongside revenue objectives
  • Understand the challenges of building trust in the financial industry and how Cleo’s approach, has occasionally led to unexpected outcomes!
  • Implementing AI in customer service teams, the importance of measuring success beyond just deflection rates