All relationships start with a conversation.

Turn every interaction into a meaningful conversation and drive customer loyalty.

Personalized customer service conversation

Customers over tickets.

Customer relationships are what drive a business forward and ensure longterm growth. Help desks and ticketing systems have reduced customers to numbers for too long, taking away the friendly, personal exchanges that once existed between businesses and customers. Make the most of every conversation by keeping the focus on the customer, not the software, providing both parties with a more meaningful and productive experience.

Keep the conversation going.

Conversations are continuous by nature, not one-off transactions. Just because you mention something to a friend over text doesn’t mean they don’t remember it if you decide to chat over the phone next time instead. Communicating with customers shouldn’t be any different. Give your customers the opportunity to engage with you the same way they would a friend without having to worry about information getting lost between channels and experience customer engagement like never before.

Continuous customer service conversation across multiple channels with Dixa
Customer Data in Dixa Customer Service Platform

Build trust through a shared history.

Imagine trying to build trust with someone whose memory is wiped clean every time you connect. Pretty tough, right? By displaying a complete timeline of all previous interactions and relevant data alongside every inquiry, agents can quickly get caught up on each customer from the start and provide a personalized experience that inspires confidence and trust. This way agents can also build upon each relationship every time a customer reaches out instead of having to start from scratch.

“Our customers are our friends and sometimes that means 4+ hour phone calls because that’s what friends do.”

Rasmus Schmiegelow, Founder & CEO at Goodiebox

Key features

Omnichannel customer experience


Unify your customer communication and deliver consistent experiences by funneling all inquiries across channels into one platform to handle.

Customer information

Customer recognition

Recognize your customers the second they reach out based on the email address and phone number to provide personalized support.


Get a snapshot of your entire conversation history with each customer in a detailed timeline featured alongside every conversation.


Link up Dixa to your other systems to make the most of your data, deliver personalized experiences, and keep things unified.

Preferred agent

Connect customers with the same agent every time for highly personalized and meaningful customer experiences.

Side conversations

Need an update from a shipping partner? Start a conversation from Dixa and easily reference it when replying to the customer.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

See how Dixa can transform your customer service.