Routing & Automation

Boost efficiency with smart flows.

Get the right conversation to the proper agent in the nick of time with intuitive, intelligent flows & automations.

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Reduce dependency
on development

Create flows as you need them, without involving IT, with our easy-to-use builder.

Scale your CS teams, seamlessly

Grow your service org without sacrificing quality CX by automating manual tasks.

Personalize customer experiences

Route by preferred agent, language, CLTV and more to provide exceptional experiences.

Simplify your flow-building.

Build intelligent routing sequences to ensure your agents get conversations best suited for them and your customers are never left waiting. Leverage information from your internal systems, from CRM to ecommerce, to create more personalized flows. Our builder is visual (what you see is what you get) and intuitive, no IT required.

Prevent the dreaded backlog.

Spend time resolving your customers’ most pressing issues, not manually sorting through them. Create action and time-based automations to make sure no conversations slip through the cracks. Whether you’re scaling your business or preparing for a seasonal boost, automations ensure fast, priority-first resolution.

Put an end to pesky cherry-picking.

When your agents work in a shared inbox, they spend lots of time sifting through and skipping messages. Reduce decision fatigue and nitpicking with conversation offers. You can place your offers granularly, like by preferred agent, or randomly but one thing remains constant: no conversations are left unassigned and forgotten.

Make your smart flows stronger with integrations.

Create more personalized sequences by incorporating information from business-critical tools.

Resolve faster with our built-in knowledge base.

Give your agents the most up-to-date information right when they need it to solve inquiries faster.

“Dixa helped us scale our support team from 20 to over 100 in the first 6 months while simultaneously elevating our customer experience.”

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