Cruise through conversations intelligently.

Respond to your most important inquiries first based on your specific business needs.

Route based on priority, not channel.

Customers don’t think in terms of channels, they choose whichever one is most convenient to them at that moment and move between them freely. Your customer service team should be able to do the same. By prioritizing inquiries based on criteria you value instead of on a channel by channel basis, agents can focus on the customer at hand instead of manually sorting through inboxes for pressing inquiries. Whether it’s a VIP customer or an issue related to a late shipment, customers can be automatically prioritized and connected with the agent most qualified to meet their needs and agents can seamlessly work across all channels at once.

Build your dream workflows without IT.

Ever feel like you are driving with your eyes closed when making changes to your setup? Without being able to visualize workflows it can be hard to understand how customer inquiries are being routed and the effect that one change can have on your entire flow. By utilizing a visual drag and drop flow builder support teams can own their setup without having to ask for assistance from IT. Build new flows and make updates to your existing setup in minutes to save time and avoid worrying about breaking existing workflows in the process.

Customer Service Software Automated Routing
Automatic Agent Prioritization with Dixa Customer Service Software

Leverage every agent’s skills.

Everyone enjoys doing things they are good at because it makes us feel special and drives motivation. For agents, this could mean making sure all inquiries from frustrated customers get offered to certain agents, who are great at resolving such issues, first so they can exercise their strengths. Intelligent algorithms and agent priority ensure the most qualified agents handle the most important conversations before the rest automatically. Maximize your support team’s impact and reduce the need to transfer conversations by playing on your agent’s strengths.

Key features

Omnichannel customer experience


Optimized and customizable for any screen size, your website visitors can talk to you from any device and have a great experience.

Intelligent routing for customer service software

Flow builder

Never worry about hidden routing rules again. Adjust your setup in minutes with an easy, visual drag and drop flow builder.


Link up Dixa to your other systems to make the most of your data, deliver personalized experiences, and keep things unified.

Customer information

Customer recognition

Recognize your customers the second they reach out based on the email address and phone number to provide personalized support.

Agent performance

Agent priority

Assign agents a priority in every queue they are part of to ensure the best-suited agents get offered conversations first.

Preferred agent

Connect customers with the same agent every time for highly personalized and meaningful customer experiences.

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