Make work meaningful & effective.

Build lasting customer friendships.

Even during peak times and crises, Dixa’s platform effectively manages demand, turning contacts into conversations, and customers into friends.

Balance human touch with automation

With powerful workflows that automatically prioritize and route all incoming queries, agents get served conversations that are most relevant to their skillset in order of importance. This ensures customers receive a personalized experience and agents get to utilize their strengths.

Utilize the right data for impact

Agents can say goodbye to switching between several tabs and systems to gain context when assisting customers. Integrations make it easy to display any relevant information you’d like from your external systems alongside each customer inquiry for agents to maximize their time.

Agent efficiently responding to customers

Grow your business by reducing churn

Frustration. A common reason why customers churn after a support experience and agents churn after months of working. With shorter wait times for customers and better working experiences for agents, Dixa helps reduce churn on all fronts saving your business money in the process.

Strengthen customer bonds with context

Establishing authentic, personal connections with customers solely online can be challenging, but interactions with customer support can actually help accomplish this. Develop stronger customer relationships through more informed, personalized conversations.

Dixa Incoming Phone Call Notification

Discover what you could save

Transforming your customer service is simple. With our unified system and smart workflows, your agents get the right questions, resolve them quicker, and achieve better outcomes. They achieve more in less time – which means a whole lot of extra capacity for you.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

See how Dixa can transform your customer service.