Save 20% of agents’ time

Achieve more in less time.

Unlock your team’s full potential with customer service software that runs like clockwork. By connecting all your channels in one easy-to-use interface, your agents can deliver exceptional support in record time, which means a whole lot of extra capacity for you.

Save time by connecting your channels

Rescue your agents from endlessly switching between windows and tools. Dixa displays all of your channels in one interface, meaning your agents never have to leave the platform. By bringing every customer interaction together in a single conversation, your agents can deliver unified customer service across all your channels with ease.

Improve your service by empowering agents with data

Customer information shouldn’t be hidden away and hard to find. Access each customer’s history instantly with just the click of a button, ensuring agents have all the context they need and customers never have to repeat themselves again. Plus, display data from any external system in Dixa’s interface with powerful integrations.

Dixa Custom Card Integration Displaying Customer Data For Agents
Dixa Email Push Notification

Eliminate cherry picking & reduce wait times with smarter routing

Agents waste a significant amount of time deciding which inquiry to answer next and redirecting customers to the right place depending on their needs. Dixa eliminates this with our default first-in first-out distribution, and by automatically prioritizing and routing customer inquiries directly to the best-suited available agent based on the rules you set. Say goodbye to messy, built-up inboxes.

Deliver better service with channel-neutral prioritization

With old-school customer service systems, agents often need to switch between channels based on the one getting the most traffic. They end up playing catch-up, rather than making informed decisions and answering queries based on the level of importance. With Dixa’s channel neutrality, agents can prioritize the most important inquiries as they come in, regardless of channel.

Save IT resources with more user-friendly software

No need to call IT every time you want to make a small change. With our no-code, easy-to-use platform, you can own your setup every step of the way. Plus, add or remove agents and new channels instantly with zero hassle.

Customizable Customer Service Software by Dixa
Dixa's omnichannel customer service features

Avoid duplicate work with more visibility

We all know this story: two agents unknowingly dive into a customer query at the same time, wasting valuable time and resources solving the same problem. And what about customer inquiries that get lost when they’re passed onto another agent? See what each agent is working on in real time to gain more visibility, avoid agent collision and ensure no customers slip through the cracks.

Discover what you could save

Transforming your customer service is simple. With our unified system and smart workflows, your agents get the right questions, resolve them quicker, and achieve better outcomes. They achieve more in less time – which means a whole lot of extra capacity for you.

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