Customer Service is the New Value Center

Learn key principles of loyalty-building CX and customer service from a true expert in the field.

Webinar Description

Micah Solomon, top-selling author and global voice in the Customer Service space, will be joining Dixa’s Tue Søttrup, for an impactful presentation on how to deliver unforgettable Customer Service that generates lasting loyalty.

The companies that stand out know that Customer Service is not just a cost center, it’s a value center with limitless potential for business growth. A customer-centered culture can be cultivated, but it starts with leadership.

Don’t miss how to differentiate your CX this fall.

Learn how the leading companies around the world:

  • Adapt service to today’s empowered customers
  • Develop a peer-on-peer rapport for memorable service
  • Use technology to predict mishaps and share better experiences with customers
  • Empower your agents to deliver creative and connected experiences


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