Get down and personal

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers by having continuous and personal conversations. No more tickets or forms.

Greet customers like a friend.

Everyone wants to feel known and appreciated, especially customers who are choosing to spend their money with you! Show your customers you value their support by instantly knowing who they are, their history with your brand, and any past engagements, regardless of the channel they reach out on. Never worry about making a customer repeat themselves again.

Phone call notification in Dixa customer service platform

Tailor every interaction.

Customers want to have a personal connection with the brands they support, but maintaining that human touch can be challenging as you scale. Customize every customer experience by automatically connecting them to the right agent based on rules you set! Plus, make it easy for customers to chat with the same agent every time to establish deeper customer bonds.

Incoming email notification offer in Dixa customer service platform

Empower agents with relevant data.

Every business is unique and therefore values different data sets. Truly understand your customers by displaying any customer data you like from external systems in Dixa alongside inquiries. Equip agents with the context and data they need and avoid checking other systems for order details, tracking information, customer lifetime value, and more. Learn more about integrations.

Route customer inquiries with external data with Dixa customer service software

Key features


Unify your customer communication and deliver consistent experiences by funneling all inquiries across channels into one platform to handle.

Customer recognition

Recognize your customers the second they reach out based on the email address and phone number to provide personalized support.


Get a snapshot of your entire conversation history with each customer in a detailed timeline featured alongside every conversation.


Link up Dixa to your other systems to make the most of your data, deliver personalized experiences, and keep things unified.

Preferred agent

Connect customers with the same agent every time for highly personalized and meaningful customer experiences.

Flow builder

Never worry about hidden routing rules again. Adjust your setup in minutes with an easy, visual drag and drop flow builder.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

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