3 Ways to Catapult Your Customer Service in 2022

Despite companies investing more than ever into their CX technology stack, customer service continues to pose universal and mounting challenges for businesses. Dixa commissioned international research firm, Global Surveyz, to survey 3,000 consumers and 1,500 customer service agents. Dixa’s first report in a series of Dixa CX Insights uncovers the 3 major disconnects undermining customer retention, and how to fix them.

Journey: Don’t let customers get lost along the way

The customer journey is crucial to customer success, and is often overlooked in the CX strategy. From the first touch-point until the goodbye of a service interaction, the journey must be seamless. Where do customers prefer to interact with a company? Where do service agents prefer to interact with customers? What do these statistics mean about the channel of choice and the ever-growing shift towards digital service? The answers to these questions are essential to optimizing the customer experience, and you can find them in the report.

While automated routing statistically outperforms systems without automated routing when it comes to CSAT scores, many companies have not yet connected the dots. Legacy ticketing systems simply do not optimize the match-making between customer and agent. And when it comes to self-service capabilities – do customers find it helpful? Or just more of a nuisance? Customers are getting lost despite the fact that the technology to provide an easy and engaging journey is readily available. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes your competitors are making.

Context: Knowledge is power 

How many times do you think customers have to repeat information when resolving just one issue? Find out here. And also learn if customer service agents think having customer context impacts the service that they provide. Just as important to consider for your CX strategy, is not just what your agents know about the customer at hand, but also how they access that knowledge. Are most agents satisfied with the amount of knowledge and problem-solving information that they have readily available? Are your agents facing the same challenges? Let the facts speak for themselves.

Connection: The two humans at the center of service

No matter how extensive and advanced your CX technology stack might be, without agents your customer service will not thrive. Why? Because nearly 100% of customers feel that empathy during a customer service interaction is very important. If you don’t believe us, find out for yourself how a human-centric approach to service accounts for not just the customer, but also the agent. Two humans connecting is more powerful than any certainty of speed or accuracy. Only a human can reassure another human and validate their choice to purchase again. 

With these three areas of potential disconnect, business leaders can plan and execute a CX strategy that is up to speed for 2022. You can get to know these areas inside out and see the facts fueling these findings. And of course remember that Dixa is the only customer service platform that addresses and masters all three.

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Lia Ciner

Lia Ciner

Lia brings her non-profit experience to the world of technology and corporate business growth. Her passion is in maintaining a human-centric digital reality, in which both people and business can thrive with their technology.

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