From limited systems in silos to one unified solution
for phone, email and chat

At a glance


Interflora is an international flower delivery network, represented in more than 140 countries by 40,000 florists. Customers can place online orders on Interflora’s website, while each order gets fulfilled by one of Interflora’s local partners. As a result, their customer service department interacts with both partners and customers on a daily basis.


30 agents




Increase in orders processed


Decrease in avg. waiting time


Increase in agent efficiency

The Challenge

Before lnterflora switched to Dixa, they had been using different systems for each support channel (phone and email), which carried high costs and scattered customer data across different systems, making helping customers cumbersome. Additionally, they knew that they’d like to add chat as a channel, but not with their current setup. These systems also lacked real-time and more granular stats. This made it difficult for lnterflora to measure and analyze their customer service efforts in any kind of detail.

Finally, lnterflora’s previous, self-hosted solution required hardware in the form of both on-premise servers and desk phones. IT was often required to assist due to its complex setup and the phones made for a very loud office environment, which affected the support team’s ability to assist customers.

Since we switched to Dixa, we have seen improvements in all customer service parameters, despite a sharp increase in the number of orders. Even without increasing headcount, we have improved the number of processed orders, and we are now able to answer 70% of all calls within 30 seconds.”

Iman Safari Head of Subscribers & Customer Service Interflora

The Solution

Better insights lead to better fulfillment processes

Dixa enables lnterflora to separate their support stats for assisting their customers vs. assisting their partners. This gives them invaluable insights into how their operations and customer support is doing on a minute by minute basis towards their two main customer segments. With insights on the number of times each flower shop contacts them, Dixa makes it easier for lnterflora to identify operational issues and streamline fulfillment processes, which leads to more business.

A personalized customer experience

lnterflora’s support team is now automatically able to see each customer’s order and conversation history, regardless of the channel the customer chose to contact the company on. Having more context on the customer at hand allows lnterflora’s team to solve customer issues faster and with a personal touch, making for much happier customers.

Customers can now get help instantly online

Interflora implemented chat right before Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest days of the year for the brand. At a time of year when receiving your order on time is imperative, adding chat gave customers an additional option to get in touch with Interflora’s support instantly when a problem or question presented itself. Live chat allows Interflora’s agents to multitask when waiting for replies, increasing agent efficiency while simultaneously offering customers a better online shopping experience.

No upkeep costs & time saved in IT

Since Dixa runs in the cloud there’s no maintenance or upkeep required from lnterflora. lnterflora’s IT department is no longer involved in configuring their setup. Tasks such as editing IVR menus, automatic call distribution, adding users and much more is now done by admins in Subscription & Customer Services. This makes it easier to implement quick changes in a more timely manner and requires less effort.

Happier & more efficient employees

Since reps no longer need desk phones with Dixa, the sound of constant ringing phones, something lnterflora previously suffered from, finally ceased. A quieter work environment in addition to the fact that reps could finally work from home, has led to higher employee satisfaction, a more motivated team and better overall performance.

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